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Jenkins - Installation & Setup

Jenkins is useful tool for automating the build process of a software. It has trigger points based on which the builds can be triggered which is a good time saver and you immediately know when something is broken in your code base.
Installing JenkinsDownload Windows version of Jenkins from​ Choose Windows in the list.
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Sikuli Quick Start | Windows UI Automation Tool

When there are no direct APIs available for automating an item, Sikuli can help. It helps in automating the items that you see on your computer screen by using images & basic OCR. Prerequisites:Supports 64-bit onlyRequires Valid Java Installation >8Real Screen Needed. Headless Systems are not supportedCannot use the system when the script is running Download and Installation The latest stable version of Sikuli (*.jar file)  is available at Download Sikuli Jar FileThe downloaded jar file can be placed in any user preferred directory which has admin permissions. Double click the jar file. If it prompts an error saying Jython not found, download from below location and place it parallel to the Sikuli jar file. Then launch the Sikuli jar file.Download Jython Standalone Jar FileMore details here. More details on Sikuli's Official Quick Start Page. Sikuli User Guide Quick LinksExamplesHello World WindowsPS: Looks like Windows class name is changed which makes this not to run. But…

Using Performance Monitor Tool with LabVIEW

Performance Monitor is a built-in Windows tool which is useful for monitoring different parameters of a Windows application. This can be launched by searching for either "Perfmon" or "Performance Monitor" in Windows.
ReferencesUsing PerfMon to Track Process Performance of NI SoftwareDebugging exotic LabVIEW problems - Performance MonitorPerformance Monitor Using LabVIEW

Force Deleting a Postgres Database

pgAdmin doesn't allow deleting a database when there are existing connections present to the database and results in below error.

To overcome the above error, we need to force disconnect all connected users via a query and then try deleting the database.

/* Terminate all Database conenctions except current one */

Android Activity Quick How Tos

Here is a collection of how-to articles related to Android UI.
Skipping an Activity/Screen on Back Button Press For example, say you have 3 activities, which are navigated as below.
Activity 1 -> Activity 2 -> Activity 3

Now from Activity 3, user can press back button to go to Activity 2 from where he can again press back button to go to Activity 1. Normally this is what you would expect.

But what if the Activity 2 is a intermediate splash screen which is shown temporarily and you want the user to go to Activity 1 from Activity 3 on back button press? It's pretty simple - you end Activity 2 when you go to Activity 3. Now, when user presses back button, it will go to Activity 1.

For ending the Activity 2, you need to call the finish(); method after starting Activity 3.

intent = Intent(this, intent.putExtra("Param Value", param1) startActivity(intent) finish(); Using an Existing Activity instead of Creating a New Activity Consider …

Stopping and Starting Postgres SQL Database Server

Go to the Postgres installation bin directory, which would be something likeC:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\binIn the windows explorer path, type "cmd" and press Enter to launch Command Prompt window.Command to Stop the Postgres Database Serverpg_ctl -D "..\data" stopCommand to Start the Postgres Database Serverpg_ctl -D "..\data" start Command to Restart the Postgres Database Serverpg_ctl -D "..\data" restart You might need to keep the above command line window open for the database to continue working. If anyone has found an alternative to avoid keeping the window open, please let me know in the comments.

Note: If you are facing any issues, you need to run the Command Prompt as administrator and use the below command to switch to the Postgres bin directory and then use the above command.
 cd C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\bin